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Term 3 Week 7

Upcoming Events

Friday 1st September: 7.30am Father's Day breakfast, 9.00am 2H Prayer AssemblyWeek 9 and 10 Jumps and throws events (timetable will be shared next week when it is finalised)Friday 8th September: Operation Shoebox  items dueOperation Christmas Child Thank you so much to those who have already organised gifts and money donations for the Christmas Shoeboxes.  We have set up a collection basket next to the communication book.  Please remember that your donation requires $2.50 per child for postage of these boxes.  A note went home last week regarding what type of item your child has chosen to donate. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries. These gifts are sure to bring happiness to those children in need.  Thank you in advance for your generosity. 
Parent Helpers Thank you to those parent helpers who have volunteered some of their time to help with mathematics lessons.  There are still spots available on the roster if you would like to help out lat…

Term 3 Week 6

Week 6 Upcoming events: Thursday 24th August: SCHOOL PHOTOS – Please wear winter dress uniform (no tights) and bring along white sports shoes and socks to change into (full sports wear is not required for our class). 
Next Friday 1st September: 2H PRAYER ASSEMBLY
Mathematics: Last week we were focusing on subtraction and learning how to organise sums into vertical arrangement (columns of tens and ones).  We have also been using number grids and number lines to solve subtraction sums.  Today some of us even learnt how to regroup, borrowing tens and bringing them into the ones/units column when there wasn’t enough.  Some fun acting out pizza shop scenarios was had! We will be learning about money next week, combining our knowledge about skip counting, addition and subtraction operations to make different amounts and solve money problems. 
English: We have been focusing on our comprehension of texts, answering different types of questions and searching (skimming and scanning) the text f…

Term 3 Week 4

The 2H team have approached Term 3 learning with a bang!
Our focus topics have been:
Mathematics: introducing multiplication and division symbols, reading and writing sums and solving worded problems.  We have loved applying our knowledge to hands-on tasks and solving tricky open-ended problems in partners that had multiple answers.  We can now use a think board to show the ways a number problem can be represented and solved.

Reading: Our reading group rotations each morning has continued this term.  This provides us time for us to read, read and read in small groups and on our own. We know that reading exercises and strengthens our reading brain 'muscle'.  Reading more = better readers!  We have continued to learn about METACOGNITION which means thinking about our thinking as we read.  We need to listen to the two voices in our head when we read - one says the words and the other does the thinking such as predicting, noticing things, wondering questions and making connections t…