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Week 3 Term 3

Week 3 Term 3
Upcoming Events: 

Year 2 Combined Prayer Assembly: 10th August 
OLC Feast Day – Mass 9am OLOSC and Mission Markets mid-morning 15th August
School Photos: 23rd and 24th August Jumps: 28th August
Book Week: 30th August
Throws: 4th September Athletics Carnival: 6th September

Mathematics: This week we have begun to learn about division, the division symbol, word problems and vocabulary related to division situations.  Please discuss with your child some sharing mathematics problems and talk about the inverse/opposite relationship division has with multiplication.  

Writing: We continue to develop our understanding of the structure and text features of persuasive texts.  We have begun to apply our knowledge of reasons and arguments and are learning how to expand each reason by explaining in detail so that our reader is able to imagine and will be likely to be convinced or persuaded to agree with our point of view.  We were very tired but proud writers yesterday as we learnt how to use …

Week 2 Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3!
I can't believe we have been back for a whole week already!
It seems everyone had a lovely holiday break, be it either overseas and up north soaking up some warmth or some lovely time at home relaxing and spending precious family time together.  All the children have come back refreshed and ready for some more learning and fun!

Homework will continue as normal this term.  Please ensure your child is reading every night including ten minutes aloud to an adult to help develop expression and fluency (home or school book).  This is also a great opportunity to discuss new vocabulary and punctuation features.
Mental maths books Days 1 to 4 completed by Fridays.  We also encourage nightly spelling of your child's phonic spelling list in their blue Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check mini-folder.  Please try to also include three or four extra tricky sight words to spell each night (these should be the sight word practice words noted on a letter if your c…