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Week 9

Upcoming events:
Cross country - wear faction shirt tomorrow please
Grandparents Day - Tuesday 27th June 9.00-11.00am
Dinosaur Day - Wednesday 28th June - please send in permission slips/parent helpers

We have been working on our teamwork skills in our classroom.  Working together, sharing ideas and collaboratively completing tasks are helping us to become better learners in 2H.
Length and Measurement in Maths
This week we have begun to focus on a new topic in Mathematics - length! We will be exploring how the length of objects can be measured using uniform units.  We will be developing our measurement skills and understanding of centimetres and metres.

Dinosaur Day
2M and 2H are looking forward to the special Dinosaur Dress Up Day. next week on Wednesday.  Please send in permission slips for the movie ASAP.  We are also hoping for a few more parent volunteers for the morning from 9-11 to help assist with some fun activities. Please let Kristy know via email or add your availabilit…

Dinosaur Day & Our Assembly

Dear Parents

We were thrilled to showcase our learning in Year 2H within our assembly last week. Please find a few images we wish to share with you.

The children in both Year Two classes will be having a Dinosaur Day on Wednesday 28th June (Week 10) from 9-11 a.m. I am asking for volunteers to help on this day please. You will be assigned a task and the children will rotate through the different activities. If you are able to help could you let me know definitely by Friday 23rd June. (Week 9). Thank you in advance.

Your child is asked to come to school on Dinosaur Day dressed up as a dinosaur. The costume does not have to be elaborate and if you need any ideas I am happy to suggest some to you. They will wear the costume for the whole day and don't need to bring a change of clothes.

You will receive a note home to sign asking permission for your child to watch "IceAge 3- Dawn of the Dinosaurs". It will need to be returned to school before the 28th June.

Thank you in adva…