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Week 5 Term 2

Week 5 Term 2
We are now over halfway! 
So much learning has been happening in 2K in the last few weeks.  I am so proud of how engaged and hard the children have been working in all learning areas and we are so delighted when the students achieve and celebrate with others their individual learning goals!  This week I have had the wonderful opportunity to listen and work with each student.  They have read to me and completed reading assessments; I am so proud of improvements and loved celebrating with them their reading achievements! There is plenty of determination and hard-working spirit in all of our 2K team members! 

We are loving learning about mixtures in science and art, God's gift of a soul and Eucharist in religion, reading and writing narratives in English and addition and subtraction in Mathematics.

The next couple of weeks will focus on the following concepts:
Mathematics: Money (skip counting same coins and notes, adding up mixed coin and note collections and some simple ch…

Week 4 Term 2

Week 4 Term Two

YEAR 2 Family Mass Year 2 families at Our Lady of Southern Cross church is on this Saturday.  Mass begins at 6pm.  The P&F will also provide a light supper of some pizza afterwards. 
Book Fair  is on Wednesday and Thursday in the OLC library from 8-9 am and 3.30 to 4.30.  Please see the flyer and latest newsletter for more details. 

Last week was full of learning - addition and subtraction operation strategies, reading and writing narratives, history in terms of past and present technologies and inventions, descriptive and exciting adjectives and verbs and mixtures in both science and visual arts!  We even have a shop set up outside now and are sharing ideas with Mrs Knezevic how we can create our own 2K mini-market that we can play and learn in.  We can't wait to continue our learning this week in all of these areas. Have a look at our learning intention board next to the whiteboard to see all of our learning area topics and vocabulary. 

Week 3 - here we go!

Week 3 - here we go!

I hope you all enjoyed a magnificent Mother's Day weekend and our 2K kiddies gave their mum extra love today.

Casuals for Catholics this Friday- Every year Bishop Holohan asks schools in the Bunbury Diocese to hold a ‘Casuals for Catholic Care Day’ for a gold coin donation (larger donations can be made in the front office). This will take place this Friday, May 18th, and students are encouraged to wear free dress for a donation.

Homework - Please refer to the previous blog post in regards to homework for 2K students this term.  Your child's homework folder should now also include a Mathletics booklet which is optional.  This booklet focuses on the addition and subtraction operations with number which is our fortnightly maths focus.  Please send it in when completed to help us celebrate with your child their extra effort and learning!

Learning Concepts for this fortnight in 2K
English: Reading and Writing: This week we are beginning our unit of study on reading…

Homework Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2! We hope you had a lovely holiday with family and friends.  This term our learning focus areas will include:
English -  narratives and poetry in writing and reading, author's purpose, comprehension strategies and vocabulary study in reading, different parts of speech, dialogue punctuation, commas and apostrophes in grammar.
Mathematics - addition and subtraction operations and fact families, counting different collections of coins and notes and calculating change, measuring length, area and capacity and chance language and probability.  
Science - chemical science, mixtures, solids, liquids and changing substances.
HASS - History ANZAC day, Indigenous studies.
Religion - Joining in the Lord's Meal (Eucharist), Beautiful World, Beautiful Me
Social/Emotional - Keeping Safe and Friendology (combined lessons with 2T) 

A little reminder for homework routines for this term in 2K after our holiday break:

Reading: It is imperative students read every night.  It is encou…