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Week 7

Swimming Lessons
What a week of swimming lessons we have just had!  I was so proud of how each and every one of them gave swimming their absolute best. I am sure that you all had some tired little swimmers at home over the weekend! Here are some photos of the fun we had during our lessons:
Parent-Teacher Meetings Year 2 Parent-Teacher meetings will be held across week 8 and week 9.  I will place up a copy of the roster for our meetings on the Parent Information Board outside the classroom on Monday afternoon. A copy of the roster has also been provided below. If you would like to email me your first 3 preferences for times I can select a time for you and add it to the roster. 

Parent Teacher Meetings 2K
Monday 25th March Week 8 Thursday 28th March Week 8 Monday 1st April Week 9 1.45 3.15
2.00 3.30 2.00 2.15 3.45 2.15 2.30

Assembly information

Good evening 2K parents,
I am so pleased to say that our first two days of swimming have been a huge success! We have managed to come to school prepared, work hard in the morning, eat and swim like super speedy champions, all before coming back and finishing the school day for the last half an hour.  The students have been very responsible with their belongings, making good choices and decisions about what to eat at recess and lunch break and have been showing their best OLC values while at the pool.  I'm so proud of them and their effort to 'just keep swimming' through our double lesson days. I'm sure they will be sleeping well over the next few nights!  I'll send through a blog post early next week of all of the learning too.

Your child may have mentioned that we are starting to prepare and learn our items for our assembly over the last two days.  Our annual assembly performance is on next Friday 22nd March at 9.00 in the hall.  We will be showing the sch…

Swimming lessons information

Swimming Lessons - Week 6 -
Swimming lessons begin next Monday 11th March and run for one week. Our lessons take place at the Busselton Pool at 12.15-1.45pm including a lunch break between each of the two daily lessons. We will be leaving school at 11.30pm straight after the recess break and returning to school at 2.30pm.  Both Year 2 classes will be going together at these times.

Our learning program will run as normal up until the recess break. As you can imagine, after two swimming lessons each day, the children will be very tired, we ask that your children get as much rest and sleep as possible next week.

We ask that your child wears their bathers to school underneath their sports uniform to make life easier for them. They are to wear their sneakers to school and bring their thongs in their swimming bag to change into at swimming time. No child is to wear their things to school during these days as they will need to wear enclosed shoes for the morning session and recess break. Th…

Harmony Day

Harmony Day.March 29th 2019
Dear Parents,
We need you….. On the 29th of March the students of Our Lady of the Cape Primary School will celebrate Harmony Day.It is our aim to support the development of respect and appreciation for cultures other than their own in the students. To do this we would like to immerse the children in a rich variety of experiences that include food, music, visual arts and the development of a knowledge base of the cultural traditions of others.
Information is always best coming from those who have experienced the learning first hand so we are asking parents help out on the day. We would love parents to lead an activity as part of a rotation between 9am and 11am on the day.  There would be no more than 20 children in each group. Each session would last 15 minutes and you would repeat this activity up to 6 six times.
If you were born in another country you may wish to present some photographs, samples of traditional foods, clothing, games etc. and tell the chi…