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Animal Creations

This term we have been investigating animals from both a Science and English perspective. In Science we have been learning about different animals and their offspring, within our Life and Living unit. In English, we have been reading lots of informative texts about animals and examining the features of an information report. In Technology, we have also been investigating animal features and exploring design and materials to construct an animal of our own.

This Friday, 31st May, between recess and lunch, we plan to construct an animal of our choice, paying close attention to 3 key features of the animal's body. We have each written a list of materials that we would like to collect for our animal and have sent these lists home so that the children can gather any recycled materials that you already have at home. We also have materials available for use at school and welcome any additional items that you may want to recycle from home. These items may include:
- Buttons/google eyes
- C…

Week 3 Update

Mother's Day I hope you all had a relaxing Mother's Day on Sunday and felt well pampered by your children. We were lucky to have Bree and Erin come out from Bunnings last week to make your trinket boxes with the Year 2's. I hope that you enjoyed opening these special gifts on your morning. Below are some pictures of the Year 2's hard at work piecing the boxes together and going mad with the PVA glue and hammers! Many thanks to our parent helpers who attended on the day to make this activity possible.

Walk Safely to School Day Walk Safely to School Day is coming up this Friday. Details about the day can be found in last week's school newsletter including pick up points and times if you wish your child to participate. The children will also be treated to an incursion with Constable Care on the day that ties in with Road Safety.

2K Prayer Assembly
Please note that our original prayer assembly date was changed earlier in the year to Week 3 Term Three instead of Week 3 t…