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Week 4 Term 1 2020

Good morning all,

What a wild week we have had!  Lunch duty on Wednesday was an interesting one with the kids watching the lightning and  hearing the thunder rolling in, bunkering in the hall until the heavens opened up and it rained so hard that a few 1/2K members and I watched the drains become full flowing fountains!

Ash Wednesday
On Wednesday the school participated in the Ash Wednesday prayer service in the hall.  This marked the first day in the church season of lent.  We have talked about making Lenten promises for the next 40 days and things we can give up, do for others and how we can donate to those in need.

Parent Roster
Due to the short week next week with Monday being a  public holiday and swimming lessons in week 6, the Year One and Two team have decided to start parent roster in week 7. Parent roster will run Monday- Thursday from 8.40-10.40am. I will pop a roster outside our door - we would love to have you in!  Please only put your name down once to allow other parents …

News Roster

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow your child will come home with their new news roster! Your child will have the opportunity to have their news once a fortnight with a specific theme.

Although we love other pieces of news, please keep things (such as toys and promotional items) that are not on their news day at home as we have a limited amount of time for each child to have their turn.  Please feel free to email us any photos instead of bringing in objects if you wish. 

Thank you for your continued support,
Penny and Gemma

Week 3 Term 1 2020

Good evening parents,

Wow! What an absolutely wonderful start to the week we have had.  Monday and today were two days jam-packed full of learning - place value in mathematics, manipulating sounds in our spelling groups to create new words, writing recount texts, beginning our reading groups, applying new decoding strategies and some students have even worked on finding evidence in the texts we have read to answer questions.

We have also been having great fun getting stuck into our science concept topics (sound in Year One and push/pull forces in Year 2) and learning about digital technology apps as a tool to record our learning.  I am so proud of how much focus and persistence with a positive attitude our 1/2K team are showing when learning new things. In just a few weeks we are already growing our confidence to problem solve and continuing to build our independence to complete our work, try out new things and even suggest other ways we can show what we know and have learnt.

Thank yo…

Year One and Two Parent Information Night 2020

Dear Parents, 

As mentioned in the newsletter, we have our annual parents information night on Tuesday the 11th of February. 

This is a new format where we offer two sessions times of the same information with an address from Mr. Eugene Lee in between these sessions in the hall.  

As we are a Year One and Two team, we will be presenting to both year levels in the Library. 

These will commence at: 
First Session: 5.00-5.25pm. 
5.30 til 5.55pm Parents then attend a brief presentation in the hall
Second Session: 6.00-6.25pm

As on ongoing focus of sustainability at OLC, there will be no paper hand out on the night.  Please see below the link to access the powerpoint presentation and information that will be covered on the night.  This also caters for parents who are unable to attend on the night. 

Please click here for the link below: 

Year One and Two Parent Information Night Presentation 2020

We are looking for two class reps per class. If you are interested, there will be an opportunity to volunt…