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Week 9 Term 1

Welcome to Week 9 which is Holy Week. This is a very important time of the year in the Catholic faith as we remember and celebrate the events leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection.

Holy Week Reflections - Each morning the whole school will be gathering together to reflect on the events of this important week. We will have a small and reverent reflection presented by each class in the hall every morning beginning at 9am.  On Tuesday 2K and 1S students will be performing their liturgy for Holy Thursday - washing of the feet and the Last Supper.  Please read the previous blog entry or the parent note sent home with your child last fortnight for details about costumes.  They are to wear this over the top of their school uniform and are to come to school dressed and ready to go on Tuesday morning.

Parent Teacher Interviews - We have moved the Parent Interviews schedule up on the pin-up board outside our classroom door for Parent Interviews running this week.  If you are not able to…

Holy Week Reminder!

Dear Year One and Two Parents,

As part of our school’s preparations for Holy Week, the whole school will be gathering at 9am each morning in the hall next week to participate in a short re-enactment of the events of Holy Week.
Year 1S and Year 2K will be performing on Tuesday 27th March at 9am. Parents are most welcome to come along and watch. There are a few different parts that have been allocated across the classes.
Costume ideas for parts as follows: ·Jesus/Disciples/Children washing feet – an old sheet/pillow slip with a piece cut out for the head and arms. An oversized t-shirt would also the trick. Tie a rope/sash around the waist. ·Readers – To stay in school uniform.If your child receives a reading part to practise at home they do not require a costume.
Please feel free to use your own creative licence to modify costumes as you wish. Costumes should be simple and only take 5-10 minutes to put together. We are also happy with something as simple as a head piece, or anything that the …

Week 7 Term 1

Hello Parents,
We have been so busy learning in 2K this term!
We are enjoying learning about the integrated science topic of life cycles and geography unit of mapping this term.  The 2K students have been so interested in these topics and it is great to see such inquisitive and engaged learners wanting to know more about our amazing world.  Some animals and plants undergo amazing transformations as they grow and change.  We have also focused on line, colour, shape and symmetry in art and have created some absolutely gorgeous self portraits and unique ink blot prints of butterflies, inspired by Andy Warhol's art print "Happy Butterfly Day".  The kids really loved using the chalk pastels and developing their wet/dry colouring techniques and of course the messy but fun blending too, to create harmonious analogous colours for their butterfly!

We have focused on place value of number at the start of this term and last week completed our study of number…