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Term 2 Week 9

Last fortnight we had an amazing and informative incursion with some people from the Busselton Jetty.  We learnt all about the history of the jetty, the current pests and Toredo worms that they are working to remove to save the coral and the issue with litter in Geographe Bay.  

LENGTH AND AREA We have had an exciting two weeks learning all about length and area. We have explored what a centimetre is and what a metre is. We discovered you can find the lengths of things using different measuring tools, such as rulers and feet. We explored that if we measured in feet that everyone’s answer would be different because we all have a different foot size.  We were introduced to a Trundle Wheel and were amazed at how easily it can measure long distances. We had a very good think and estimated the length of our classroom and the length to the office. We showed great teamwork as we all worked together using the Trundle Wheel to find out that our classroom is 8 metres long…

Week 6 Term 2

We had an absolute blast on Friday putting our very own animals together! Year 2K certainly know how to make a good mess! Our room was covered with glue, sticky tape, cardboard rolls, boxes, feathers, craft materials - you name it, we had it out!  This was a part of our science and design technology learning units for this term.

We are so very grateful to the MANY parent helpers who took the time out of their day to join us in the classroom to help us attach various body parts and discuss design options with the materials that were on offer. A big thank you to these parent helpers and all of the parents who organised their children with bags of recycled materials that were put to very good use! At the end of the day, the children used sticky labels to list three key features (body parts) of their animals and not one of them forgot to take their creations home!

Another great event last week was the Insect Man incursion on Tuesday.  2K was able to spend…