Welcome to Week 5

Good Evening Wonderful 2H Parents

Homework Folders
Thank you for the helpful homework folders. Wow what a difference these have made for the efficiency of our classroom routines and your child.  We do hope that you are experiencing the benefits on the home front. 

Supplementary Mathematics Material
You may have noticed your son or daughter has an additional Mathematics package within their homework folder? Within class over the next 3 weeks our Mathematics teaching, activities and learning will be focussed around fractions and time. As such, we have provided additional material to be utilised by yourselves and your child at home, should you so wish.  Please note this may be utilised by yourselves as additional practice and support for your child if you feel this may be beneficial (or they need a confidence boost), by an external tutor if this is applicable or as an extension activity. Alternatively, with the cold weather setting upon us and flu season beginning it may also be handy if your child is away from school over the next few weeks, but still well enough to undertake a little school work throughout the day. Whilst we would dearly love to hear and see this and any other additional learning your child undertakes outside our classroom we have provided such material as a helpful initiative and there is certainly no expectation of completion from our perspective. 

Parent Reading Helpers
If there are any parents who would like to volunteer assisting with changing our students home reading books each day we would be ever so grateful. If you have a little spare time between 8:30-9:15 ish on a particular day of the week please let us know and we will set up a daily roster.

Book Fair
Tomorrow is the beginning of our school book fair. Your child is more than welcome to bring along a small amount of money to purchase a book. The fair will be held in the library. Please see the school newsletter for additional information. 

Tomorrow evening at 6:00pm our year three students will be celebrating their sacrament of reconciliation. You are more than welcome to join us at the church to witness and or participate within this sacrament. 

We do hope you have a lovely week enjoying some much needed rain. We look forward to seeing and speaking with you soon regarding all the ways we can possibly help your son or daughters learning journey. 

Kindest Regards and may God bless you and your families
Mrs Kristy Hunt & Mrs Penny King 

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