Term 3 Week 1

Week 10
What a last week of Term 2! Grandparents Day, Dinosaur Day and lots of mathematics learning about length.  Thank you so much to the wonderful parent helpers - we couldn't have such great learning opportunities and fun without your help.  

We hope you all had a wonderful winter holiday break and some precious family time.   

Term 3 Homework
The use of a homework folder really helped students to develop their organisation and taking responsibility in their learning last term. Thank you parents for helping to develop these routines for homework and ensuring their child is packing them in their bags each night/morning last term. A reminder for what should be kept in the homework folders and brought to school every day:
  1. Home reading book (if reading a school book, some students are reading books from the library or their own - these students are welcome to bring in their books from home if they would like)
  2. Red reading log
  3. Think Mentals book
  4. Blue spelling mastery folder and cut up weekly words (students may also keep their own notepad/writing book with their spelling folder if completing the Look, Cover, Write, Check method as part of their spelling homework
  5. Sight words (coloured cards on a ring)
Term 3 Gathering Time
This term we have refined a weekly schedule to assist students knowing how to prepare for the morning and know what activities to do each morning upon arrival.  We will also be displaying a daily schedule/timetable so they can know the events and learning subjects for the day. 

Morning routine will be same as last term with some minor changes to morning activity/task.   
This consistent gathering time and routine from 8.30-8.45 is hoped to also provide extra time and opportunities for parents to discuss anything with us before we get ready for daily fitness at 8.45.  Please note that if you cannot make it in the classrooms in the early morning and have any queries please feel free to also email us anytime :) 
1. Students will bring their homework folder into the classroom along with their crunch'n'sip items. 
2. Please assist your child to scan in and out their home reading book (or write in their title in their red reading log if reading a book at home each night).  
3. Write in the title of their current home reading text and date each day in their red reading log if possible please.  Note the chapter if reading mini-novels.  
4. Morning task will be similar to previous terms:
Monday: Sight words Look, Cover, Write and Check
Tuesday and Wednesday: Writing Phonic Spelling Words from list in complete sentences. Early finishers can do Reading Eggs 
Thursday: Phonic Spelling Word Activity - Elkonin soundboxes and pyramids/sailboats
Friday: Day 5 Think Mentals/Mathletics (preparation and time to complete after assembly) 

Mathematics focus
Our focus for mathematics for the first few weeks will be introducing number arrays and the concept of multiplication.  We will also be introducing the concept of division and its inverse relationship with arrays/multiplication.  
English focus
For the start of Term 3 we will be focusing on the reading strategies of questioning and summarising to develop our comprehension skills.  We will be looking at the structure and purpose of persuasive texts in reading and writing. 
Religion focus
Our Confirmation unit of study will be "Empowered to Love".  Wondering at God who created love, showing love to others and how Mary, Jesus and his followers showed/can show love. 

Please feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions or queries and thank you for your continued support and involvement. 
Kind regards and May God Bless You,
Kristy and Penny 

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