Week 5 Term 2

Week 5 Term 2 
We are now over halfway! 
So much learning has been happening in 2K in the last few weeks.  I am so proud of how engaged and hard the children have been working in all learning areas and we are so delighted when the students achieve and celebrate with others their individual learning goals!  This week I have had the wonderful opportunity to listen and work with each student.  They have read to me and completed reading assessments; I am so proud of improvements and loved celebrating with them their reading achievements! There is plenty of determination and hard-working spirit in all of our 2K team members! 

We are loving learning about mixtures in science and art, God's gift of a soul and Eucharist in religion, reading and writing narratives in English and addition and subtraction in Mathematics.

The next couple of weeks will focus on the following concepts:
Mathematics: Money (skip counting same coins and notes, adding up mixed coin and note collections and some simple change (subtraction) amounts)
Reading: Recognising literary elements, character traits, retell and summarise texts
Writing: Writing orientations that 'hook' and engage our readers, descriptive passages and character dialogue.
Grammar: conjunctions and connectives that extend sentences (eg. for, so, but, because)
Religion: Eucharist and Mass vessels, objects, actions and words/ church features

Outdoor learning: We love having a wonderful learning area that we can use at times to provide extra opportunities to learn through hands-on realistic examples of using money resources in our class shop.  Students are choosing products and using coins to create varying amounts and calculating change amounts needed.  

Friendology Focus

This week in Friendology with 2T we have been focusing on putting out Friendship Fires and talking it out in a calm and fair way. Below were some of the points we looked at in the previous week to confront the fire.
1. Find a good time to talk, just the two of you. 
2.In a calm, serious voice, retell the situation. 
3.Explain how it made you feel.     
4. Listen to their side and truly try to understand their perspective.
We have also been working on body language and how actions like whispering may make others feel.  Next lesson we will be looking at positive reactions, saying no, using power statements and to spend less time with people if they are in the 'unhealthy zone' yet still being kind.

Year 2K Assembly
Our assembly will be week 8 of this term, 22nd June!  Your budding actors, actresses and singers will be bringing home scripts to practice soon along with some more information :) 

Family Mass TBA
Apologies for the change of time and date. A new date has still not been set at this stage.  
A reminder too that Tuesday 5th June is a pupil-free day.  

Please feel free to come in and chat  or email about anything or any questions at all.  We thank you so much for your continued support and assistance.

Kind regards and God Bless,
Penny and Kristy 

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