Week 6 Term 3

Upcoming Events:
Thursday 23rd August: School photos
Friday 24th August: School photos for families and siblings
Thursday 30th August: Book Week dress up day

School Photos
Our school photos will commence this Thursday 23rd and as it is usually our sports day, we are asking the children to come in full winter school uniform (including a school jumper), dress black shoes and hair accessories must be in school colours only (teal green, white or black)  and bring their sports shoes in their bag to change into after their photos in the morning. 
Photo order forms for online ordering were delivered to the children on Friday.
If you wish to have Family/Sibling photos, please collect an envelope from the office and more information about family photos can be found in the latest newsletter.

Operation Christmas Child
Over the next fortnight, the Year Two children are going to participate in an initiative called 'Operation Christmas Child' which aims to pack a shoebox to give to a child who has never received a gift before. This ties into our school value of Compassion as we are helping less fortunate children in need. 
Please see below an example of the provided shoe box for Operation Christmas child last year:

Your child will be grouped with four other children to contribute and pack the shoebox. The cost to send a shoe box will be $2.50 per child.  We are asking you to encourage your child to do something extra at home to earn the money that is needed to buy the item to put into the provided shoebox.
Your child brought home a note today which shows you what kind of items can be sent away in the shoebox. We are asking for all donations to be brought to school by Friday 7th September (end of week 8) please. It is very exciting for the children to share in this initiative which has been a part of the O.L.C. Community for the last 15 years.
Please see the Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child website, your note or this link for some further gift ideas https://www.samaritanspurse.org.au/operation-christmas-child-gift-ideas/

Book Week
Australian Children’s Book Week falls between the 18th - 24th August, however due to other commitments this year we will be celebrating a little later on Thursday the 30th August. The format this year will be a little different, however as usual students are invited to dress up as their favourite storybook character. The theme this year is “Find Your Treasure”.

We are continuing to enjoy learning about different water sources and how we obtain our clean water.  We are learning how to read and create our own flow charts and learning the cycle of water use.  We have learnt about how different families get their water if they are not on scheme water and live on a property.  Hamish and Joshua shared some photos of their dam, pump and tank.  We also learnt about we get our water in our homes in our town and in different cities.  I have also encouraged the children to be on the lookout over the next few weeks for water bores, pumps, pipes and tanks in our town and in Busselton.  We have learnt about the aquifer that Busselton Water pumps water with a bore and how our wastewater connects to pipes and is taken to sewerage treatment plants.  We are enjoying having a big Year 2 group together to learn about Earth's important and precious resource!

Visual Arts
We are continuing to integrate our science topic of 'water' in our visual arts unit by creating beautiful woven paper artwords that represent the movement of water.  To create these different materials we used the effect of water and oil resist to colour the paper and then draw fluid lines to represent ripples, waves and still water.  Have a look out in our outdoor learning area. 

We also integrated our current mathematics concept of fractions by creating an underwater scene using paper circles.  Students were required to only cut the circles into equal parts, naming the type of fraction they had made, either being, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16.  They then had to incorporate their understanding of geometry and tranformation of shapes by sliding, flipping and turning these circle segments to create images that represented different water creatures.  The process to create these artworks required creative thinking and enjoyed listening to the students explain their artworks, what each part represented and how it was created.  We also learnt about the artist Ed Emberley who is a famous illustrator who enjoys using shapes to create his own artworks.  We loved how Ed explained how he knew if an artwork was good or finished:  "I just listen to my voice inside - does it please me?  I can only speak to myself." 

Thank you for your continued support and assistance.
Kind regards and God Bless,
Penny and Kristy 

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