Week 3 Term 4

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Tomorrow is CRAZY SOCK DAY!
Socktober is an initiative of Catholic Mission and a way in which we fundraise and engage in advocacy and formation activities during World Mission Month in October. According to UNICEF statistics, nearly half of the world’s children are still living in poverty today. You can get involved in helping to change this statistic through participating in OLC’s Socktober event this Friday the 26th of October for “Crazy Socks Day!”
WHAT: Crazy Socks Day. Children are invited to wear crazy socks with their uniform on this day, and to bring in a gold coin donation. At lunch time we will host a “Rock Your Socks Off Dance Party” in the hall at lunch time for anyone who is would like to join in. Keep an eye out for Mr. Wilkie and his “Saturday Night Fever” dance floor moves!
WHEN: Friday 26th October
WHY: Because we can help put a stop to poverty and help to create the world God intended for us.
This year for World Mission Day 2018 Pope Francis says: “Never think that you have nothing to offer, or that nobody needs you. Many people need you. Think about it! Each of you, think in your heart: many people need me”
Image result for socktober catholic 2018
FETE UPDATE: Please check your email and facebook pages to keep up to date with help and donations for the fete.  2K roster is online.  The basket for lolly bag donations is near the communication book. 

SCIENCE Flashback!
Look at the fun we had on the last day of Term 3 making collages of the water cycle.  It was educational, exciting, creative and messy learning. 
This term we are leaning about physical science - MOVEMENT and FORCES.  We have been investigating how objects can only start or stop moving due to a push or pull force.  Changes to an object's shape or the direction it moves in is also from a push or pull force.  We are also learning that GRAVITY is a pull force.  We had so much fun during the first week participating in a Scitech Workshop and Show Incursion that got us starting to think about movement and forces science unit that we will be learning about this term. 
The last fortnight's learning concept was all about 2D and 3D shapes.  We had so much fun learning about the shapes in our world.  This week has been all about how the pictures and shapes can be changed and transformed - We are learning about transformations, flips, slides and turns.  We have learnt some new vocabulary too such as clockwise, anticlockwise, symmetry, reflections and tessellation. 
This is our last week focusing on the structure and features of information reports and non-fiction texts.  This week we have been busy authors with a deadline to try and complete our first published information report about some very strange newly discovered animals.  You may have seen a leaked preview photo of it on Seesaw?!?  Keep an eye out for our new books to hit the shelves early next week! 

Thank you so much to the amazing Mrs Nottle for ensuring our all of planned learning experiences and activities have continued seamlessly over this week.  Fingers crossed (pun intended lol)  I'll be back Monday - I'm missing my 2K team buddies!
Penny and Kristy

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