Week 8 Term 4

Only nine days of school to go! 
Yesterday's orientation was a success with lots of excitement and a few nervous faces that left and came back an hour later with big smiles!  I'm so proud of how much these Year 2's have grown and developed in just a year.

Our final project of the year is underway that ties in with our War on Waste sustainability focus with the aim to use as much reusable materials as possible.  This also requires students to manipulate open ended materials, develops perseverance and problem solve when mistakes are made or things don't go quite as planned.  We are working towards a collaborative piece that also celebrates our uniqueness but also how we have worked alongside each other as a team.  Plus it is lots of hands-on, messy, creative gluey fun! 
We have been lucky this term to have participated in the Scitech show and workshop incursion that focused on our current physical science topic on forces. 
As a part of our current HASS history unit on local history and technology unit on manufacture and process we will be going on an excursion.  Unfortunately due to having to swap dates this will now be on the Thursday next week but what a great way to end the year!  We will be visiting the shipwreck site of the SS Georgette that we have been learning about in HASS and then Millers Icecreamery to watch a milking show (and a little icecream treat).  No money or payment is needed as this is included in the school fees.  Permission notes will be sent home before the end of the week.

Thank you for your continued support and assistance,
Penny and Kristy

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