Week 2 in Year 2H

We would like to say a huge thank you to all who attended our Year 2 Parent Presentation last Thursday afternoon.  A special thank you to Leanne Verhoeff and Caroline Moylan for volunteering their time and support as our 2H class reps.  If you were unable to attend the session, a copy of the booklet was sent home with your child on Friday afternoon.  The booklet contains the power point we presented.  If you have any questions after you read the booklet, please feel free to contact us.

Despite the cooler change in weather, the class excitedly participated in their Swimming Lessons on Friday!  Lessons continue next week from Monday the 13th to Thursday the 16th.  Along with packing a towel, goggles and a spare pair of underwear in their swimming bag, please make sure that your child wears their joggers to school and brings thongs to wear to the pool. There are a couple of swimming items left after school on Friday.  These will be on the little round table as you enter 2H waiting to be found!

 A reminder, also, that all children require a hat for daily fitness/recess/lunch/sport, regardless of changes in the daily weather conditions.  Our whole school “no hat no play” rule runs from Term 1 to Term 4.

We have been immersing ourselves in our water theme, not just at swimming lessons!  In spelling we discovered that many of our water themed words are “Compound Words.”  Compound Words are two small words, that when put together, make a bigger word.  When we are writing, this is useful for us to know as if we remember how to spell the two “little words”, then we can spell the trickier longer word!   Some examples include starfish, stingray, seashell, jellyfish, lifeguard, sunscreen and seahorse.  The children explored making compound words in two hands on activities.  They were challenged to try and keep a look out for other compound words in their reading books (eg: football, headband, doorbell, toenail) so be on the lookout when reading with them.

We also prepared for next week’s art activity by taking photos acting like we were swimming with a mask and snorkel on!  Stay tuned for how we are going to transform these cute little faces into works of art!  We will also be completing an integrated persuasive writing activity next week, “Should All Children Learn How to Swim?”  You might like to start to discuss your opinions and reasoning with your child to help them plan their own thoughts before we begin to write.
In Maths we have been learning about the days of the week and months of the year.  In their bag on Friday, your child brought home an “All About Time” fact poster like the one below.  Please help them find a special spot to hang this and help them practice the important facts! 

Thanks for your support,

Kathy Holt and Kristy Hunt

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