Week 4 - Reading Rotations

Welcome to Week 4.

Good Afternoon Mums and Dads

Today we enjoyed our first Reading Rotations Lesson. The students had smiles from ear to ear and one comment "Can we do that every day?"  "That was so much fun!"
We have 4 Rotational activities. The students undertake two on a Monday and two on a Tuesday.

These comprise:
1:     Sight Word Spelling (involving slime, play dough, colourful stamps, paint and sand).  We utilise a multi sensory approach to sight word spelling learning within the Reading Rotations.

Current research has identified that if a student sees the word, hears the word and puts the word into muscle memory ( by shaping the letters in play dough, tracing in goo or sand) they dramatically increase their acquisition and retention of the new spelling word. Two great ideas which you may wish to use at home to involve muscle memory are getting your child to trace their words onto a sheet of sandpaper or putting shaving cream on a small mirror and have them trace the word into the cream revealing the written word in the mirror.  Apologies in advance for any mess.....

2: Guided Reading enables each student to receive individual reading instruction with personalised goal setting and intervention.

3: Reading Eggs: Each student has received their Reading Eggs login and will participate in our whole school Reading Eggs program.

4: Silent Reading: This develops a love for Reading and personal choice of text. Students undertake their rotation of silent reading either on the lounge or relaxing in a bean bag.

I do hope today you have received home four items:

1: Nightly Spelling Folder : your child today participated in and received their individualized phonic concept list words and have cut these and placed in pocket one. It would be most appreciated if you could practice these each evening.

2: Maths homework book: please complete one day per night. As mentioned at the parent evening it would be beneficial if you could mark each day and provide immediate feedback to you son or daughter.

3: Reading Eggs Log In: today we Logged into our Reading Eggs account and undertook further audible reading, word decoding and comprehension questions.

4: Home reading Book: hopefully these are coming home each evening and being enjoyed by all.

Please enjoy a small insight into our learning that happened today.

Kindest Regards and May God Bless You

Mrs Kristy Hunt & Ms Kathy Holt

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