Last day of term 2!


MORNING TEA FOR MRS KNEZEVIC - tomorrow Friday 29th June: please send in a small plate of food in replacement of your child's recess and leave it on the small tables in the wet area/glass house tomorrow morning.  We will present the wonderful class gift from the parents (thank you!) and have an early morning tea at 10.30 

PUPIL FREE DAY - Monday 16th July Just a reminder that students return to school on Tuesday 17th July.  

Wow - what a term!  I can't believe that we are halfway through the year!!!

GRANDPARENTS DAY:  Grandparents Day was a huge success, we had so many loving grandparents come in to celebrate this wonderful OLC tradition. The day started with a beautiful prayer service dedicated to our  grandparents. The slide show that Mrs. Meyer put together was beautiful and enjoyed by both the students and their families.  The grandparents enjoyed their morning tea - thank you so much for our parent volunteers for the food and extra hands on the day.  The grandparents were welcomed guests in our classroom to some very excited hosts with smiles all around.  The students were so proud to share their learning and their classroom environment.  Please send a very heartfelt thank you to the grandparents who were able to make it!  You could feel the love shared amongst the students, parents and their grandparents.

REPORTS:  Reports will be sent home with the children on Friday afternoon, please keep an eye out for this in your child's bag.  Those students who are not at school tomorrow will have their report posted to their home address during the holidays.  

READING BOOKS: Important Information!
Please return all class readers back to school tomorrow.  Please have a look around the house if any of these titles seem familiar...

Thank you so much for your continued involvement, support and assistance in 2K and at OLC.  

Finally, we wish you a safe and happy holiday! We hope you have a restful time and make some wonderful holiday memories with your child.  

Kind regards and God Bless,
Penny and Kristy

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