Week 6 Term 2

Upcoming events:
Go Fish Year3/4 Musical: Friday night 8th June

Year 2K Performance Assembly
Our assembly will be week 8 of this term, 22nd June!  We will be doing a mini-performance for the story "The Very Cranky Bear".  Your budding actors, actresses and singers will be bringing home scripts to practice this afternoon for the next few weeks with their role which is highlighted.
Characters in our play can wear a costume that represents what animal they are.  This does not need to be elaborate - the simpler the better.  Students will need to bring their sports uniform to wear underneath their costume or ready to change into after the assembly.  Please feel free to come and see us if you have any questions or would like any ideas. 
Those children who are Narrator 1 and Narrator 2 are asked to be dressed as singers/rock stars as they will be front row performers for our rock song "Author's Purpose P.I.E."

We are up to Unit 16 this week and will be completing Day 5 Unit 16 this Friday.  2K students will also be bringing home a Money booklet as extra optional homework task that reinforces our current maths concept of money.  Please send it in when completed to help us celebrate with your child their extra effort and learning!

Look at all of the learning in 2K!  Last week was very bury! We learnt about story mapping in reading, money in mathematics, slime mixtures in science and sharing our stories with friends. 

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