Week 9 Term 2

The Final Week!
It will be a another busy week in the final week of this short term. 
Monday - Grandparents' Morning - 9.00am Mass, 9.30 morning tea, 10-11am classroom visits
Friday - 1P Assembly performance and NAIDOC celebrations
Friday - Thank you Mrs Knezevic morning tea in 2K at 10.30am
Plus lots of learning and fun as usual!

Friday 29th- thank you morning tea -  The last day of school this term will also be Mrs Sheree Knezevic's last day of teaching practicum.  To say thank you for all of her hard work, amazing effort teaching all of the 2K children over this term and congratulate her on completing all of her studies, I would love the children to have a special morning tea with her.  If you could bring in a small plate of food in replacement of recess on the last day, it would be greatly appreciated.

Cross Country
Congratulations to all participants in the cross country today! The students all tried their best which was great to see! There was also a good show of sportsmanship! Well done Year 2s!


We have been focusing on writing narratives this term. Students know there has to be a problem and solution, and that they need to introduce the characters and setting in a creative way. They also know to include adjectives to make their writing more interesting for the readers! We have worked hard to create exciting and detailed orientations (beginning paragraphs) that 'hook' the reader's attention and makes them want to read more.  We have also been busy writing our superhero adventure stories and will be publishing these this week.  What super powers would we have and use for greater good?

Mathematics - Measuring Length and Area, Probability and Chance

We have completed our focus fortnightly concept of measuring length and area of various objects and shapes.  This week we will investigate chance and probability.  This means understanding vocabulary associated with likeliness of something or an event happening: likely, unlikely, impossible, certain and 50/50 or even chance.  Please take some time over the week to have a chat with your child about these terms (there is often a chance question at the end of each daily Think Mentals maths homework).  

Important Information!
Please return all class readers to their rightful boxes in class next Wednesday (27th June).
Semester One reports will be sent home with your child on Friday.  If anyone would like to discuss their child's reports with us, please arrange a time early next term.

Below are some photos of us doing some NAIDOC work with 2K! It has been another busy term but the students have continued to progress and develop.

Please feel free to ask any questions or share any special learning or celebrations your child has achieved. Thank you for your continued support and assistance,
Penny  and Kristy

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